2016 Fall Fiddle Fundraiser

IC4C held a successful “Fall Fiddle Fundraising Concert” for the Peaceful Children’s Homes in Cambodia on Sunday, November 13th. Over fifty people attended the concert, held in the picturesque Mill Road Community Space, in Chelsea, Québec, close to Ottawa.

Led by IC4C Youth Coordinator, Kyle Burghout, the afternoon featured a variety of fiddling styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, as well as Ottawa Valley step dancing by Emily Yarascavitch. The sale of performers’ CDs, Cambodian silk scarves, and a unique stained glass window created and offered by IC4C Team Member, Cathy Mains, all contributed to raising $2,500 for the Homes.

2016 has been an outstanding year for IC4C, thanks to some exceptional donations which have allowed us to raise almost $20,000 for the Peaceful Children’s Homes.

We would like to thank all of our donors – particularly Anne Crosman in Arizona, Alison Hackney in Senneville, QC, and Elspeth Straker in Northumbria, U.K. – for their very generous support.

All proceeds from IC4C concerts go towards the food, health and educational needs of 100 children and young people at the Peaceful Children’s Homes, including their university studies.