Spring 2021 Virtual Concert

Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 7:30pm EDT

Thanks to your kind and generous support, the IC4C Spring Concert raised over $6,000 for The Peaceful Children’s Home in Battambang. This will go a long way to help the Home manage the current Covid challenges. It will allow the Home to bring in food supplies, materials for Home schooling, and provide medical care as required. It will also allow PCH2 to ensure that our four IC4C-sponsored students can continue their university studies.

Concert Program

Kimchanthavouth Hy, voice | Csinszka Rédai, piano

  • Priyy Prausut (Norodom Sihanouk)

  • Chumno Wicheka (Norodom Sihanouk)

The Fiddlaires:

Wilson Lazarus, fiddle | Lucie Lazarus, fiddle

  • Maple Sugar (Ward Allen) / Big John McNeil (Peter Milne)

  • The New Canadian Waltz (Pierre Schryer)

  • Wilson and Lucie (Calvin Vollrath)

Pat Marshall, harp

  • Carrickfergus (Trad.)

  • Danny Boy (Trad., arr. Sara Lackie)

  • Sally Gardens (Trad., arr. Sylvia Woods)

  • South Wind / Si Bheag Si Mhór (Trad., arr. Sylvia Woods)

  • Wild Mountain Thyme (Trad., arr. Sylvia Woods)

  • Farewell - but whenever (Trad., arr. Sylvia Woods)

  • The Lark in the Clear Air (Trad., arr. Sylvia Woods)

Pete Woods and the Kindness of Jazz:

Pete Woods, tenor/soprano saxophone | Tim Jackson, guitar/voice | Lu Frattaroli, drums/tabla

  • Jumpin with Symphony Sid (Lester Young)

  • Journeys in Isolation (Tim Jackson)

Jane & Kyle:

Jane Cory, fiddle | Kyle Burghout, fiddle

  • Lala's Jig (Jerry Holland) / Unknown Reel / Return to the Cape (J.P. Cormier) / The Girls at Martinfield (Phil Cunningham)

  • Flowers (Oliver Schroer)

Wilson Lazarus, fiddle | Lucie Lazarus, fiddle | Jane Cory, fiddle | Kyle Burghout, fiddle/piano

  • Lime Hill (Dan R. MacDonald) / Sarah's Fiddle (John Morris Rankin) / The Mortgage Burn (Gordon MacLean)

Performer Bios

Kimchanthavouth Hy [Kim-CHAN-ta-voot Hee, ‘Kim’]

Kim received his early training via Cambodia’s Royal University of Fine Arts with local and visiting teachers. His main voice teacher was the eminent soprano Mari Jinnai of Japan. Kim was ‘discovered’ by Canada’s all-volunteer, B.C. based Cambodia Support Group [CSG] (its President Arne Sahlén is his accompanist for the IC4C concert). CSG had had no plans to sponsor any student to Canada, but found Kim to be gifted, eager, and yet devoid of options for advanced training. His spellbinding performance at a CSG -produced event, his first-ever public appearance, compelled the agency to act. Kim arrived for the 2007-8 school year. He achieved full Canadian Grade 12 graduation, then earned a College Diploma in Music from the renowned Victoria Conservatory of Music - in the voice class of famed soprano Ingrid Attrot - and nearby Camosun College. He took part in hundreds of opera studio productions, fund-raising concerts for Cambodia and Canada, programs for senior citizens, and community support events. Kim anchored a 2009 Cambodia tour and concerts with Victoria’s Prima-Chamber Singers Choir. Its conductor Dr. Bruce More praised this venture as the best cultural experience in 35 years of choir touring. A year later, Kim sang Cambodian and Western works with the Youth Symphony of the Okanagan (YSO) in central B.C. YSO conductor Imant Raminsh later wrote to Cambodia’s Prince Norodom Sirivudh: “Not only [is he] a young tenor of great promise and bright future, but he is also clearly an extremely charming person and a splendid ambassador for his and Your country.” Kim returned to Cambodia in 2015. Married with a 5-year-old daughter and still active in music, he remains a devoted friend to Canada.

The Fiddlaires

Wilson and Lucie Lazarus are proud to live in the beautiful Upper Ottawa Valley, surrounded in a rich culture of fiddle and step dancing. They both love to entertain through their fiddle and dance, all while continuing to promote this traditional art form. Visiting the Pembroke Fiddle & Stepdancing contest in 2018 is where this passion was born. Wilson and Lucie have been fortunate to have wonderful teachers in their life: Rhodina Turner (step-dance), Sheryl Fitzpatrick (piano), Elena Semenets (classical piano), Kirsten Waymann (classical violin), Louis Schryer (fiddle) and Kyle Burghout (fiddle), and, of course, their big brother Keegan (piano, music appreciation and theory). Music highlights include fiddling with some of their musical heros – Calvin Vollrath, Patti Kusturok, Shane Cook, Yvon Cuillerier, Louis Schryer and April Verch. https://thefiddlaires.ca

Pat Marshall

Pat came to Canada as a child from Liverpool England. Her eight years of lessons gave her the joy of playing the piano during the years when her children were young and through all her working years as a teacher, a settlement worker with South-East Asian refugees and finally as a Resettlement Officer with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Upon retirement Pat decided to answer the call of her Irish blood and took up the harp. Since Covid she tried the lovely French horn but has given it up and the neigbours have all moved back in!!

Pete Woods and the Kindness of Jazz

Pete Woods is an Ottawa saxophonist who lives, musically, at the crossroads of spirituality and improvisation. With 'The Kindness of Jazz' Project (supported by the United Church of Canada Foundation), he explores these themes with musical companions from across the city. The music is grounded in the familiar (jazz standards, folks songs, hymns), but then finds its way to places of joy, meditation and more. For this concert, he is joined by Tim Jackson (guitar/voice) and Lu Frattaroli (drums/tabla). https://www.petewoods.ca

Jane & Kyle

Canadian fiddle champions Jane Cory and Kyle Burghout have been performing for over a decade, and have played to audiences across Canada, the USA, and Europe. Each with many accolades to their credit—Jane a Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion, and Kyle a North American Irish Fiddle Champion—they join forces to create innovative arrangements filled with lush twin fiddle harmonies. Both growing up in areas with rich fiddling traditions—Jane in Manitoba and Kyle in the Ottawa Valley—their shows feature a blend of the traditional tunes they grew up playing and contemporary tunes written by fiddlers from across Canada and beyond, including many compositions of their own. https://janeandkyle.ca

Lyrics (with translations)

Priyy Prausut / The Enchanted Forest

Aou priyy pruk saa dayl khnyoum snaehaa pum dayk aliyy

O forest of trees that I love and never forget

Aou priyy prausittee khnong prautappy, khmean prey la’aww smaa

O magic forest on this planet, nothing compares to you

Roka jeat pkaa day daa, bopha tevada khmean jaah

All the plants festooned with blooms, flowers and angels ever young

Jam kompea, jea weang way rea, aouy monouch baan suor sdei

Wait and protect, guard against illness, give to people life’s beauty

Aou priyy pruk saa khnyoum saen snaehaa, priyy prausuttee

O forest of trees that I very much love, magic forest

Dayl pdall samakee Dall sut twaa lok aouy baan Soksaan.

To promote partnership of animals and humans giving Peace.

Chumno Wicheka / November Breezes

Reatriyy dal koo sronohh chompoo reatrriyy wicheka

Oh the night I will never forget (about) the November night

Miyy kheaw srolahh luu tlaa, chantrea dara reahh proang prean a kahh

The sky so blue and clear (bright), moon and stars rise, filling the sky

Son sam tlek kjoll trochea aaen ahs jaa pbe kriyy

Dew falls in the cool air, so very exquisite

Ha’doyt tuk mon ni’sai Srauy srok’ ka yaa

It seems like magic water of destiny pouring to cover the body

Nye’ dayl mien toong rog kea – pra ai too sbauy

Of a person with illness or sorrow – changing, healing.

Nich jea reatriyy ahh jaa, doyt saa re’tuen jet teang proh-sriyy

This is the wonderful night, like inspiration of men and women

Aouy jehh rooung rouh paet’dey dambei ni reah took’ sok san bann yuu.

To live together, love one another in order to escape sorrow, and live in happiness for ever.